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    Think of Speed as having Ross Bentley in front of you, and what you type into it as the beginning of a two-sided dialogue. In real life, you would rarely ask a question, get an answer, and leave the dialogue; you would ask follow-up questions and dig deeper into the subject. Do the same with SpeedSecrets.AI.

    As Reid Hoffman wrote in his book, Impromptu: Amplifying Our Humanity Through AI, “GPT-4 isn’t a human actor, but the process of directing it is similar. You have to coax out your desired result, and you may need to try many variations on a prompt in the same way a director might need to film multiple takes of the same scene. It’s ultimately a collaborative process.”

    Keep in mind that rules that work all the time with driving are very rare, and maybe even nonexistent.

    Take the advice and tips provided by as guidelines that work more often than they don’t. AI is also not perfect, and can deliver answers that may sound reasonable, but not be accurate. You need to decide how much of the advice you ultimately use.