SpeedSecrets.ai has one goal: to help you improve your high-performance and/or race driving skills and performance by providing you with information, advice, and specific tips you can apply when driving on track. Not surprisingly, these are the exact same personal goals of Ross Bentley and Jesse Stewart, who are the humans “behind the screen.”

    Whether you’re a track day driver, amateur or pro race driver, sim racer, autocrosser, or casual observer of the sport, SpeedSecrets.ai is your online coach.

    While the generic AI/LLM (Artificial Intelligence/Large Language Model) tools and applications (such as ChatGPT) can answer driving questions, understand that they pull from different sources on the internet… and we all know that not all sources on the internet are accurate! SpeedSecrets.ai pulls only from one trusted and proven source: Ross Bentley, and all of the content he’s created since the 1980s, all of which is based on driving everything from karts to Indy cars, bone-stock street cars to prototype sports cars, and everything in between, as well as his coaching of thousands of drivers.

    There are two levels of coaching in SpeedSecrets.ai:

    1. Information based: You ask a question and it returns answers based on all of the information Ross has created, in language that's easy to understand and use. It's like searching through all of his books and articles, and finding the answer in a matter of seconds.
    2. Coaching strategies and tactics: Ross created a unique database of specific coaching methods he’s used with drivers of every skill and experience level, and sorted them based on a “problem-cause-solution” format that you can access with a simple prompt. This really is the “special sauce” that makes SpeedSecrets.ai something well beyond anything else available.

    SpeedSecrets.ai pulls from over 5 million words that Ross has written (10 books and hundreds of articles at your fingertips), and indexes and sorts them for you in a matter of seconds. Of course, all of this content is a result of his four-plus decades of coaching and driving. His approach to coaching the physical and mental skills and techniques of performance and race driving – his deliberate and strategic practice methods – has helped novices learn more in less time, and produced Le Mans, Indy car and NASCAR winners and champions.

    Think of SpeedSecrets.ai as being just a few typed-in words away from everything inside Ross’s mind.

    Take your driving to the next level with the latest in technology, as if you have Ross Bentley as your own personal driving coach.